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Children at the Heart

Support services for children and young people are at breaking point. We need the government to act now, before it’s too late for a whole generation. That’s why we added our name in support of an open letter to Prime Minister, Teresa May and Chancellor, Phil Hammond calling for children to be placed at the heart of Government spending. You too can add your support by signing a petition.

Together, we can stop Government under-funding children and young people’s services because we know it affects every area of their lives:

  • Ninety children are being taken into care every day – this is a record high
  • Less than a third of children and young people with a diagnosable mental health problem will get access to NHS funded treatment this year
  • Only three in a hundred families of disabled children think the health and care services available to their children are adequate
  • Almost three-quarters of school leaders expect they will be unable to balance their budgets in the next financial year
  • The number of children with special educational needs who are awaiting provision has more than doubled since 2010
  • Up to 3 million children are at risk of going hungry during school holidays

Children at the Heart

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