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What am entitled to? 

If you are in care, we are here for you.

Your views 

You have a right to be heard, and for your wishes and feelings to be taken into account when decisions are made about you.

Your social worker should visit you at least every 6 weeks, but it could be more depending on your needs and wishes

Your social worker will visit you at home, but they may also arrange to visit you in other places- for example at school. If you do not like being visited at school, it is a good idea to let your carer, social worker or another adult you trust (such as a teacher) know about this. Your wishes and feelings should be listened to and taken into account.

You have a right to an advocate, who is there to make sure your views are being listened to. They can attend meetings with you, raise issues, and support you if you wish to make a complaint

You are entitled to make a complaint. All Local Authorities have complaints procedures they must follow, to ensure all complaints are looked into in a fair and considered way. 

Your wishes and feelings should be listened to and taken into account.


Around the age of 16, your social worker should begin planning your Pathway Plan


You have a right to safe and suitable housing 

While you are under 18, the Local Authority must pay for this housing.  

If you are moving to a new home (sometimes referred to as a ‘placement’), your views on this move should be gathered before you move. The only time this may not be possible is if you have to move for an emergency reason, such as if there is an issue regarding your safety.

You have a right to safe and suitable housing.


Whilst you are in care the local authority should pay your ‘subsistence’- that is your day to day living costs such as food, clothing and essential items. The money for these things may go to your carers and not directly to you.

When you are in care, you are not able to claim benefits, other than child benefits if you have children of your own.


You have a right to education, and you should be supported and encouraged to reach the highest educational outcomes. The Local Authority should do everything possible to minimise disruption to your education.

16-19 Bursary 

You are likely to be eligible for the 16-19 Bursary. This is up to £1200 and might include money for books, equipment or travel costs to school or college. To apply for this, speak to your Personal Advisor, a teacher, or student services at your school or college.

Seeing family 

You have a right to see your family, such as siblings and parents. Sometimes this is referred to as ‘contact’.

How often and when you see your family depends on your safety and wellbeing, and this is decided by the courts and the Local Authority. Your views on this should be listened to and taken into account.

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