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Getting my voice heard

Today I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Listening Fund Convening Day with Become. Not only did I get the chance to hear what magnificent work other charities are doing to support their young people, I also got to have my voice heard on what I think good listening looks like and how charities can work better with and involve more young people like me.

I heard from the founder of Sour Lemons, an organisation that believes you can turn any disadvantage into an advantage. For me, this was such an inspiring speech that gave me hope. Seeing others who have come from backgrounds like me making something of not only themselves but others too.

During the day I spent most of my time in a young person-only workshop led by the founder of Sour Lemons where we really got to explore what good practice of listening looks like compared to the bad listening. We looked at how the smallest things can make all the difference, like valuing all young people as individuals and being warm and welcoming. We looked at how charities can empower young people to make the changes we believe are important and understanding that we as young people are the experts by experience.

For me the best part of the day was getting the chance to present to the rest of the conference the information we had come up with in the young person’s workshop around good listening and empowerment. It was great getting to have a voice at that level.

During the day I was also asked to come up with a motto that I live my life by and I wanted to leave it with you. It might be a motto other young people might live by too.

“My past is just a sacrificed moment of happiness in what will be a lifetime of greatness and success”.

Kayleigh is a member of Become’s Policy Advisory Group, which helps to shape Become’s policy and campaigning activity. Find out more about the Policy Advisory Group here

Getting my voice heard

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