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Introducing three new training courses 

The well-being of care-experienced young people is always at the forefront of everything we do here at Become. Our training courses are designed to share insights from young people so that we can highlight their experiences and adversities that they face alongside exploring support strategies. We feel that care-experienced young people’s contributions are invaluable to helping us get across key messaging to the organisations that support them; throughout their young lives and beyond. Collaboration with young people is a vital step in helping them to ensure that their voices and opinions are heard. We also co-deliver some of our training sessions with Young Trainers so please request this if interested.  

Here’s what one of our training participants, Kim Richards, had to say: 

“I feel that this was one of the best courses I have attended, thoroughly enjoyed it, the interaction with the professionals on the course was also very helpful”

We’re thrilled to announce that we have three brand new training courses to introduce to you which we can deliver either on Zoom or in person depending on the requirements of your organisation.  Currently available for organisational bookings so get in touch via [email protected]



This training takes inspiration from the ‘Taking Care of Me’ well-being guide that was created and developed in collaboration with care-experienced young people and a psychotherapist.  During the training, learners will be introduced to strategies and resources which will help them support and manage the health and well-being of the young people they communicate with.


Using non-violent communications skills in working with care-experienced young people

Drawing on Marshall Rosenberg’s work, this training event provides knowledge and practical application in using the principles of Nonviolent Communication, a model designed to build understanding and connection, break negative thinking patterns, resolve interpersonal conflicts, reduce stress, and develop relationships built on mutual respect, compassion, and cooperation.


Solution-focused approaches to working with care-experienced young people

Utilising the principles of Solution Focused Therapy, this training event introduces the principles of Solution Focused Approaches. It gives learners knowledge and practical training in working with care-experienced people in a way that is young-person-led, collaborative, forward-looking, and uses the imagination rather than analysis to negotiate and create outcomes.

Introducing three new training courses

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