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Isabelle's #GoneTooFar story on Channel News 

As part of our #GoneTooFar campaign launch, Isabelle spoke to Channel 4 News about being moved far away from everything she knew while in care

Last night, Become appeared on Channel 4 News to raise awareness of #GoneTooFar – the new campaign which seeks to stop children in care being moved far away from everything they know, and instead keep them close to the people and places that matter to them.

The piece began with a powerful short film about Isabelle, a young person we work alongside, and her difficult experience of being moved far away from her siblings, friends, school and community while she was a child in care.

“It felt a bit ridiculous because I’d either have to do a really long bus journey or get a boat [to visit family & friends].”

“I lost my roots. They’re the fundamentals of who you are as a child and a teenager.”

“Most people grow up with their siblings & get to make memories with them. They get to enjoy life with them, learn who their siblings are as people and vice versa. I’ve had to do all of that as an adult. I’ve only been able to do that with my siblings that are currently alive. My younger sister passed away in 2017 when she was 12 years old. I don’t get that chance to make those memories with her.”

Following Isabelle’s story, our Chief Executive Katharine Sacks-Jones joined Channel 4 News presenter, Jane Dodge, to explain why this is a symptom of a care system in crisis:

“The truth is we’ve got a care system in crisis […] There are not enough of the right type of places for children to live in their local area.”

When asked about her thoughts on the government spending £259m, Katharine said:

“That’s a drop in the ocean. That’s not even going to touch the sides. Local Authorities are facing a shortfall of £1.6 billion each year just to maintain the current standards of provision.”

A huge thank you to Isabelle for sharing your story with us.

Ps. if you’re a care-experienced young person that would like to get involved with Become, sign up to Become the Movement today 🙂

Find out more about our new #GoneTooFar campaign

Isabelle’s #GoneTooFar story on Channel 4 News

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