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Why Jade is getting involved in #GoneTooFar  

As part of our #GoneTooFar campaign launch, Jade shares why she is getting involved

Listen below to Jade, a 22 year old care leaver, who shares how she was moved to Blackpool and why she supports Become’s #GoneTooFar campaign to keep children close to the people and places they love.

“It’s just not healthy and it’s continuously putting a strain on our young people to not go to their best potential because they do not have the resources or the adequate environment to become their best potential.”

This is why I am joining Become’s #GoneTooFar campaign because I see the importance of placements.

⎯⎯ Jade

I wasn’t seeing people that look like me a lot of the time when I was in Blackpool and that was very, very hard and uncomfortable position for me to be in

⎯⎯ Jade

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Jade’s #GoneTooFar video

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