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Katharine gave evidence to the Education Select Committee 

We submitted to the Education Committee’s call for evidence as part of its inquiry into Children’s Social Care in England.

The system is at crisis point and is completely overwhelmed.

⎯⎯ Katharine Sacks-Jones, our CEO, giving evidence to the Education Select Committee

On 27 February 2024, Katharine gave evidence at the Education Select Committee, highlighting the impact the care system is having on children including high levels of instability, disrupted education, isolation and mental health issues.

Watch some clips below from the session & find out more about our submission to the Education Select Committee.

Katharine was asked about our #GoneTooFar campaign and talks about the impact on leaving school, separation from friends & siblings.

Katharine was asked about higher and further education for care-experienced young people and care leavers. Katharine talks about our #EndTheCareCliff campaign.

If you need support with higher/further education, or know a young person who does, check out our free Propel into Education service.

Katharine was asked what steps the Government can take to reduce the number of out of area placements.

Katharine talking about what is missing in Government plans and the issue around supply and provision.

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Katharine gave evidence to the Education Select Committee

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