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Lucinda's Blog 

"Happy Christmas? For me, it was! But not everyone is as lucky…" Read Lucinda's blog she wrote about her experiences of Christmas as a care-experienced young person

I have been able to spend Christmas with both my biological family and my former foster carers.

When I would spend Christmas Day with one, I’d spend Christmas Eve with the other.

This way, I have been able to experience the traditional Portuguese Christmas of my ethnic background, and a classic British one. Both with memories of food, presents, and love.

I also enjoyed Christmas growing up prior to living in care. Both my parents and former foster carers were able to make the Christmas period special, such as writing Christmas cards, decorating the Christmas tree, visiting extended family… It felt to me what I envisioned as ‘Christmassy.’

That’s why it was important for me to maintain contact with my biological family over the Christmas period during my time in care to reminisce, and not lose that sense of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, some young people have had less positive experiences. Some care leavers are not able to spend Christmas with their former foster carers, perhaps because they have not had a good relationship during their time in care, and people may not be able to spend Christmas with their biological family because they may not have been able to maintain contact post-care. Some care experienced young people might be away from both key relationships.

No-one should be forced to spend Christmas alone if they do not wish to, but it happens.


Lucinda’s blog for Winter Appeal

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