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Our #GoneTooFar campaigners met Stuart Andrew MP 

On 4 December, Kane, Kevin and Lamar from our #GoneTooFar group met with Stuart Andrew MP in Westminster. Read more about their visit.

Stuart Andrew MP is Minster for Sport, Gambling and Civil Society in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. What does this mean? Well, he has a focus on Youth services and a particular interest in tackling loneliness.  

At the meeting we all talked about: 

  • the impact of distance moves on children in care,  
  • the sense of loneliness and isolation that some children experience 
  • the importance of youth services and being welcomed into neighbourhoods for those children who have to move far away. 
  • the need for Stuart’s department to link in with Department for Education to prevent distance moves and make sure all children in care are not lonely. 

All the young people were able to speak to Stuart directly and one person who couldn’t join us sent a poem which Henri read out for her. 

Stuart left the meeting with more understanding about the experiences of children in care, their voice and a clear ask around our #GoneTooFar campaign. 

Thank you to Ezra, Filson, Kane, Kevin, Lamar, and Louise for your continued campaigning – we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you to Kevin who arranged this meeting – you made this happen. The campaign group continues to put pressure on government for change in children social care.

Under 27? Care-experienced? Interested in opportunities like this?

Meeting Stuart Andrew MP

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