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Meeting the Cross- Ministerial Board 

On 11 July, we attended the Cross-Ministerial Board for Care Leavers.

Our policy work aims to ensure that your opinions are heard directly by decision-makers to improve and challenge systems and structures. This is why we attended the Cross-Ministerial Board for Care Leavers with Riley.

Riley, a young person from our Become the Movement group, spoke about the future of corporate parenting at the Cross-Ministerial Board for Care Leavers. This was an exciting opportunity as Johnny Mercer has recently been appointed as the new Care Leavers Cross-Government Lead and it is crucial for him to hear directly from care-experienced young people, like Riley.

We heard from Gillian Keegan, Michael Gove, Claire Coutinho & Johnny Mercer during the Board.

I know the challenges that children in care can experience throughout their lives, which is why I’m delighted to be taking on the role of cross-government care leaver lead, championing the interests of care leavers from my unique position at the heart of government, as I have, and continue to do, for veterans across the country.

⎯⎯ Johnny Mercer, about his new role supporting Care Leavers

Riley, a member of Become the Movement, spoke directly with Claire Coutinho, Minister for Children, Families and Wellbeing, alongside Clare Bracey, our Director of Policy, Campaigns & Communications.

If you are care-experienced, under 27 and interested in opportunities like this, join Become the Movement...

We want to create a brighter tomorrow for you, challenging the system and campaigning for change, and holding to account the people and organisations responsible for supporting children in care, like local authorities or policymakers who shape laws. The most meaningful way we can do this is with your expertise.

Meeting the Cross-Ministerial Board for Care Leavers

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