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Meeting Helen Hayes MP for #GoneTooFar 

Our #GoneTooFar campaign group recently met with Helen Hayes, Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Children and Early Years, at Portcullis House. The group talked about the campaign, why it was important, and the impact a change in policy and procedure could have on children in care now and in the future.

The campaign group have also spoken to Munira Wilson MP (Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Education), the Department for Education civil servants working on this area of children’s social care and is hoping to meet with David Johnston MP the new Minister for Children, Families and Wellbeing

It’s important our leaders understand the impact of inappropriate distance moves on children in care, and that the reason for these moves is recorded – especially when it’s because of a lack of appropriate local places. We want to see commitment and action from the government to improve the number of homes and foster carers in the right places so we can keep children in care close to the people and places that matter to them – ensuring they have the love, stability, and security we all need to thrive.

What did the young people think of the visit?

“I enjoyed being able to put my ideas forward and finally being able to get my voice heard about this issue. This campaign has helped me improve my confidence, helping me understand myself better and making sure I stand up for what I want to change. In the future, I hope the policies to stop far-from-area placements are in place unless it’s for the child’s best interests.”

– Lamar

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with Helen who seemed very keen and interested about the issues we’re campaigning about and also seemed very ready to potentially tackle them.”

– Filson

“I enjoyed being able to go into the awesome tunnel that leads to Parliament. I’m hoping that Helen will really champion our voices and make us heard within Government. ☺️”

– Kevin

“I’m doing this now because there are children out there living far away that don’t know their rights and entitlements and can’t speak up.”

– Kane

Meeting with Helen Hayes MP for #GoneTooFar

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