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Our 2023/24 Impact Report 

The care system has faced some of its biggest challenges this past year as the number of children in care continues to rise whilst local authorities struggle to cope with a lack of foster and residential homes, soaring inflation and budgetary pressures.

With the system at crisis point, and children paying the price, the need to deliver meaningful and lasting change is greater than ever and has continued to drive us forward at Become. Together, we are making an impact at a time when it’s needed more than ever.    

I first started working with Become because I wanted to improve the care system. MPs are talking about the issues a lot more now. It’s much more on the radar.

⎯⎯ Kane, a care-experienced young person and Gone Too Far campaigner

We said we’d launch a new campaign to improve stability for children in care…

We launched our Gone Too Far campaign which has received national media attention and has been raised in debates and inquiries in Parliament.

We said we’d connect with more supporters, including companies looking to support care-experienced children and young people…

We’ve had a range of corporate sponsors provide support throughout the year offering career advice opportunities, providing feedback on young people’s UCAS personal statements, and office space for young people we support to meet in person.

We will reach more care-experienced young people, including those of a younger age and those facing particular disadvantage. We will deliver even more in-person care advice surgeries in places where young people are to make them more accessible, including in custody and community settings.

We will create a Youth Editorial Board of care-experienced young people, bringing new ideas and insights to our communications work to help us increase our reach and engagement.

We will continue to focus on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion across Become, reviewing our policies and practices, supporting our team to grow and learn through training and reflection sessions, and centering the voices of a diverse range of care-experienced young people in all we do.

Our first Voice Day

Listen to a young person's spoken word piece from a craftivism session held on our first Voice Day in February.


A journey unknown,
Life comes at you fast
Learning to run before I walk
In the silence of questions we talk

Become who you are called to be
Where? How? WHY!
Echoes of uncertainty fills the sky
Yet within a strength to defy
Up and down, thick and thin
I’ve got to see it through
Maybe meet my own crew

I pursued, discovered Become
Oh who knew, finally at
A place I want to be. Becoming
Who I am, embracing authenticity like
Natures gentle balm

Our 2022/23 Impact Report 

2022/23 was a year of taking stock while pushing forward, as our 30th anniversary coincided with the long-awaited Independent Review of Children’s Social Care and a pivotal opportunity to improve the care system.

Against this backdrop, we launched a new research design group, amplified hundreds of young people, trained more professionals than ever before, and reached young people who may have never engaged with a care charity before in new settings such as HMP Pentonville.

Our 2021/22 Impact Report 

This year, as we emerged from the pandemic, Become has continued to grow, building on its strong foundations, new ways of working, and the lessons of the last few years to reach more children and young people and increase our impact. The context of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care meant our work to ensure young people’s voices are listened to and to work with them to campaign for change was more vital than ever.

Ty's story

Ty’s story and experience with Become:

You’re always welcome to come to Become. It’s a great place to hang out. Don’t go through what you’re going through alone.

⎯⎯ Ty

Zara's story

Zara’s story and experience with Become:

If you’re a young person right now who’s maybe not feeling the greatest or just wants to make some new friends – I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Become.

⎯⎯ Zara

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