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Become’s response to the coronavirus crisis

This is a difficult time for us all but for care-experienced young people things are especially hard. Young people who were already isolated now feel even more alone. Stress and worry are exacerbating existing mental health problems. Many are struggling to stay well and safe. They are facing hardship, debt and homelessness.

Care-experienced young people are worried about their futures and many have no one to turn for help.

How we’re responding

Demand for our services is growing. We’re providing more young people with advice, information and one to one support. We’re offering more ways for young people to connect with us and each other online as well as providing more intensive support for those who need us most.

We’re also making sure young people’s voices get heard through this crisis and that they’re not forgotten by government and key decision makers.

How you can help

At the same time as the need for our services increases the current crisis means we are facing a reduction in our income. We need your support more than ever. Please make a donation today to help us to be there for children today and tomorrow.

Become’s response to the coronavirus crisis

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