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Join our Corporate Parenting Advisory Group 

Did you know?

It’s a Local Authority’s duty to act as a ‘Corporate Parent’ for children in care.

Who else should step up to be a Corporate Parent?

Who should have a seat at the table to help end the stigma that young people face daily?

You don’t need to be an expert!

As long as you’re care-experienced and aged 16-25, we want you to join our new advisory group, share your views, and get paid £11.95 per hour.

A little more info

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care recommended that corporate parenting responsibilities be expanded to other public bodies in England to show their shared responsibility for care-experienced children and adults. This already happens in Scotland and we think the English government will explore doing it too.

We previously asked for this and believe it would be a good way to tackle stigma and improve opportunities and outcomes for care-experienced young people across different areas of life.

We want to get the views and thoughts of care-experienced people aged 16-25  to see what YOU think about the potential widening of corporate parenting duties in England to a range of public bodies. We would like to hear about:

  • Your experiences of dealing with different public bodies
  • What you feel could have improved your experiences
  • What elements were positive.

This will help us to build a better picture of what our key asks could be ahead of the government’s response to the Care Review.

If you would like to be on our Corporate Parenting Advisory Group, please complete the form below.

Applications have now closed

Thank you for your interest in this project, the applications have now closed but you can sign up to our Become the Movement newsletter to find out about future opportunities - there will be more out soon.

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