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Become Players Creator Programme 

Get recognised for your lifetime achievements with Become Players through our Creator Programme. Earn the rank of #BecomePlayers Affiliate, and eventually, Partner.

What is the Become Players Creator Programme?

Hundreds of big-hearted gamers, streamers, and content creators have taken part in #BecomePlayers fundraising events. You’ve raised tens of thousands of pounds to help fund our campaigning and services for care-experienced young people.

To recognise your solo lifetime achievements for our charity, we’ve created our Become Players Creator Programme. The more you support Become, the higher you rise in the programme.

Hit the lifetime achievements below and you’ll enter the ranks of our amazing #BecomePlayers Affiliates, and maybe one day, you’ll join our few but powerful #BecomePlayers Partners.

#BecomePlayers Affiliate 

There are two pathways to Affiliate. You must either lifetime raise £200 for Become – or take part in 2 different #BecomePlayers fundraising events.

Become Players is a community that fundraises to support care-experienced young people. Raise £200 for Become and you’ll reach Affiliate.

But it’s not all about the money. The support and hype we give each other is so important in motivating everyone else to fundraise as best they can, and have fun doing it!

That’s why there’s two pathways to Affiliate. Our Affiliates include both great fundraisers – and members who raise smaller amounts, but take part in multiple events showing dedication to our cause.

#BecomePlayers Partner 

There is only one pathway to Partner. You must lifetime raise £1,000 for Become – and take part in 3 different #BecomePlayers fundraising events.

This is not easy, but if you can reach these milestones, you are phenomenal and have earned the right to call yourself an official #BecomePlayers Partner.

Our Partners are both incredible fundraisers for our charity – helping to fund our vital work for children in care and care-experienced young people – and also committed members of our Become Players community, helping us to grow and have a bigger impact into the future.

Join the ranks of our #BecomePlayers Affiliates and Partners and etch your name alongside theirs below.

#BecomePlayers Partner 

BlueOmen_N7 has raised over £1,000 for Become! In his own words, he's a lover of all things Adventure Point & Click and Mass Effect, join BlueOmen and you can look forward to seeing a ton of him forgetting how to speak properly and the occasional Fortnite Sniper kill because he can’t resist.

#BecomePlayers Partner 

ChubbyishBunny is a Become legend. She's taken Become Players to GSCON and has raised nearly £2,000 for us over multiple events! An amazing variety streamer who enjoys all sorts of games, check her streams out for chaos and laughs, and a safe space for everyone.

#BecomePlayers Partner 

JustKally has lifetime raised an amazing £2,636 for Become over 6 #BecomePlayers events. They are a British LGBT streamer who enjoys FPS games and has a hidden talent for horror games. Your friendly neighbourhood, snapback wearing, potato shooting badger.

#BecomePlayers Partner 

Crofty2010 has raised over £1,000 for Become across 4 #BecomePlayers events. In her own words, she is old enough to know better but young enough to still be stupid! Crofty2010 is a full time carer for her amazing wife who supports them every step of the way in streaming. Crofty2010 has found her niche in Simulators.

#BecomePlayers Partner 

Hey_Artie has lifetime raised an incredible £6,525 for Become over 5 #BecomePlayers events and other solo fundraising efforts. Artie (they/them), is a trans, non-binary, queer & disabled streamer from the UK. They're your resident lover of cats, games, crafting & blankets!

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Ready to enter our next event and rise through the #BecomePlayers Creator programme?