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Become Together 

#BecomeTogether is a community and a commitment. Hundreds of generous people, activists, and allies are coming together to make a better society for care-experienced children and young people. Are you with us?

Do you share our vision of a better care system?

We’re working together to create a society that is kind, supportive and connected for everyone who has experience of the care system. We may be a small charity, but together we’re a powerful agent of change.

Connect with over 250 people who have already joined #BecomeTogether, making a commitment to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with care-experienced children and young people through monthly giving.

Sign up now by committing as little as £2 a month. 

Hear from the frontlines of the care system. 

Join us and receive weekly updates about the impact and change we’re making together.

You can hear directly from our team in our #BecomeTogether WhatsApp group: from our frontline staff who are answering calls to our Care Advice Line, and directly from young people in our Participation Network who are campaigning with us for systemic change.

You’ll also be invited to in-person events to meet us directly. We’re currently fewer than 30 staff, so you’ll get to know us and what we’re working towards.

I am feeling much better than before, these sessions are so uplifting. The space you create allows me to reflect on things, see them more positive. Things are a lot better than I think. I see myself in a different light.

⎯⎯ A young person after receiving coaching from Become

The power of collective action...

We're on mission to reach 350 givers in 2024 

We believe in the power of collective impact.

We’re entirely funded by voluntary donations from organisations and individuals like you, who want to make a real difference. Collectively, your giving is driving us towards a society where every child growing up in care receives the positive start in life they deserve.

By growing our community, we can support more care-experienced young people to build connections, improve their mental health and wellbeing, and confidently strive towards their goals in life.

Join the community, make a lasting impact, and be the first to hear from the frontlines about the difference you’re making.

Many young people leave care and thrive, but they too often say it's despite the care system, not because of it.

At Become, we're optimistic.

There’s no ceiling to our aspirations for care-experienced young people. They achieve incredible things every day. 

But the reality of growing up in care cannot be brushed under the carpet.

The care system is not fit for purpose. It is overwhelmed to crisis point, with more children in care than ever before. The outcomes of care-experienced people are far behind the national average – they disproportionately experience homelessness and the criminal justice system, and are under-represented in further and higher education. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We exist to change the care system for the better and ensure care-experienced young people receive equal opportunities and chances in life.

Join our mission by committing a monthly donation of your choice, and together we can create a better society for future generations.

How your giving could help care-experienced children and young people

  • £5 a month could help care-experienced children and young people to feel heard, reassured, and less isolated by calling our Care Advice Line.
  • £10 a month could help young people to connect with others who have similar experiences and build lasting relationships through our weekly Link Ups and Participation Network.
  • £25 a month could help young people to believe in themselves, feel able to take actions in pursuit of their goals, and unlock their true potential through one-to-one coaching.
  • £50 a month could help us campaign alongside young people for systemic change, until we create a care system where every child receives the love, support, and stability they need to heal and thrive.

We understand the challenges facing everyone due to the ongoing cost of living crisis – it’s hitting care-experienced young people harder than most. If you ever need to pause your giving for a period, you can.

Are you with us? Join #BecomeTogether today


Our small team is here to help. If you have any questions, or want to discuss other ways to give, you can call Will in our fundraising team on 07951 155 297 or email [email protected]

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