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Our training packages 

For professionals and carers working with care-experienced young people

More organizations are working with Become to book annual training packages. We offer a range of training packages, with costs based on the number of learning hours you have over the year.  You can select from any of the following titles:

Our training is designed to support, empower and advocate for care-experienced young people. If you work with children and young people, you know as well as we do that they are capable of achieving amazing things. By using our training resources to educate your team, you can help young people to reach their potential and maximise their opportunities. 

I’d recommend the Become training package to anyone working in the child care sector.

⎯⎯ Johan Strydom, Fostering Operations Manager at Five Rivers Child Care

For more information around training and available packages, please reach out over email at [email protected]

Training packages

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