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Training spotlight on the wellbeing of young people 

From our Training & Development Manager, Katy Hudson

Wellbeing is an important consideration for everyone, every day. Our course, Supporting the Wellbeing of Care-Experienced Young People, is designed for professionals and carers who work with care-experienced young people and provides valuable insights for supporting their wellbeing. 

This course is based on a resource booklet, ‘Taking Care of Me’ which we developed with a team of care-experienced young people working in partnership with a clinical psychologist. The group drew on personal and professional experience to design a guide that is both practical and accessible to other care-experienced young people and will be used as a resource during the training session. 

This training will provide professionals and carers with strategies to support care-experienced young people and focuses on the following topics: 

  • Recognising and dealing with stress  
  • The role in wellbeing of living according to our values   
  • Identifying and accessing social support, and  
  • Developing and maintaining self-esteem  

In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at the guide “Taking Care of Me” which is the inspiration for the course and contains information about managing stress and improving wellbeing. 

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Training spotlight: wellbeing of young people

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