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Our Summer Link-Up 

At the end of July 2023, we met up in person with our Link-Up group to play games, meet new people and have fun.

I loved Link-Up in person. It was so nice to see everyone and meet new people because sometimes life can get busy, and it's just nice to finally get together to catch up.

Link-Up is our fortnightly virtual hangout for care-experienced young people aged 27 and under.

In July, we met up in person at Roof East – it was a day of fun, lots of games, eating and conversations. Together, we played ping pong, giant jenga, glitter bowls and did a pull-up competition.

If you are interested in joining us in future, sign up for Link-Up:


I always love Link-Up in person but I really liked the games and change of venue this time. I'm just very lucky to be part of such an amazing charity in some small way.

Thank you to everyone who came along! If you are interested in meeting other care-experienced people aged 18 - 27, come along to our free Link-Ups.


Our Link-Ups are a virtual hangout space where young people can come together to chat, develop a sense of community, and have fun together.

We play lots of games, get competitive with quizzes, debate various topics and sometimes cook or craft together. We have Link-Up Specials, too, which have included a Pancake Day special, ‘Elf Yourself’ Christmas games, a poetry workshop and more.

Our Link-Up Speakers Corners also welcome care-experienced speakers who share their life experiences and have an open discussion.

Link-Up is run by Charlene.

She is often joined by other friendly members of our Care Advice team – Rasheeda and Olu.

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Summer Link-Up in person

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