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Become Players Gameweek 

Enter #BecomePlayers Gameweek over 23-29 October 2023. Use your gaming to help fund our services for children in care and young care leavers.

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We will use your information to support you during this challenge. Can we also keep you updated with the difference you make and other ways you can get involved?

Become Players Gameweek is supporting National Care Leavers' Week from 25 October 2023

Step 1. Plan your Gameweek

You can play any game and play on any console or PC. Play during 23-29 October 2023 and raise donations on your JustGiving page to complete the Gameweek challenge.

It’s your choice to stream once or multiple times over the challenge week. There is no minimum gaming time to take part. Regular breaks are encouraged and please think carefully before committing to a long session – if you need to, stop. 

JustGiving offers you a range of integrations with Twitch to make your stream as exciting and fun as possible. Go further and download our free Become Players stream package & overlays to upload to your stream. Give yourself time to get your stream set-up ready.

Step 2. Raise the hype

Share your challenge with your community to build the hype, raise more donations, and earn yourself greater rewards. Include the link to your JustGiving page on your stream and socials.

Join us on Discord to chat gaming, share streaming & fundraising tips, and above all to lift each other up during Gameweek. 

If you have any questions, email [email protected]

During National Care Leavers' Week, we call for change, ask young people to share their views and raise public awareness of issues in the care system. We can only do this with the support of our wider community, including our gamers & streamers. Thank you for standing in solidarity with young care leavers by taking on Gameweek 2023!

Need some help or have a question before signing up? Click here for our support page