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Become Players Marathon 

The #BecomePlayers Marathon is back for its 5th year! Join us over 8-10 March 2024 and use your gaming to help fund our services for young people in care.

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You're joining a community that has lifetime raised over £42,000 for Become. Help us reach £45K!

Step 1. Choose your Marathon

You can choose any game and play on any console or PC. You must play during Fri 8 to Sun 10 March 2024 and raise donations on your JustGiving page to complete the Marathon.

Choose your marathon distance: 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours. Split up your gaming over the 8-10 March to include breaks and rest. For example, you could complete a 6 hour marathon in two 3 hour sessions on different days. Think carefully before committing to a single 12 or 24 hour session, and if you need to, stop. 

Register now to receive your free digital fundraising pack full of tips and advice.


Step 2. Set up your fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page here through our the JustGiving team page. Click ‘Start Fundraising’ to set up your page in 3 minutes. You’ll then be ready for the Marathon challenge.

If you want to, you can edit your page with your own bio and fundraising target. Watch Average Mike’s step-by-step guide for how to set up your JustGiving page.

JustGiving offers you a range of integrations with Twitch to make your stream as exciting and fun as possible. Go further and download our free Become Players stream package & overlays to upload to your stream. Give yourself time to get your stream set-up ready.


Step 3. Raise the hype

Share your challenge with your community to build the hype, raise more donations, and earn greater rewards. If you’re streaming, include the link to your JustGiving page on your stream.

Join us on Discord and chat with the Become Players community, share streaming & fundraising tips, and lift each other up during the Marathon weekend.

If you have any questions, email [email protected]

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